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Table of Contents

 Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) Wiki 




Initiation Phase of a CPOE Project

The Initiating Stage of Implementation


Develop CPOE Project Charter


Planning Phase of a CPOE Project

The Planning Stage of Implementing CPOE

Project Management

Project change management (Fighting Scope Creep!)

Readiness Assessment 



Implementation Strategies

Develop CPOE Project Plan

Policies and Procedures

1. Policies and Procedures During the Planning Stage

2. Policies and Procedures During the Executing Stage

Determine Required Infrastructure

Determine Required Software

Review Current Care Plans and Nursing Orders

Risk management Plan

Change Management

Communication & Marketing

1. Solicit Medical Staff Commitment


Design Phase of a CPOE Project

Clinical Content


Order Set Creation Strategy
Clinical Content Management
Project change management (Fighting Scope Creep!)

Workflow and Process Mapping

Establish CPOE Metrics

Interoperability and Data Exchange

Clinical Decision Support


Build Phase of a CPOE Project

Content Management Strategy

Metrics, Measurement and Reporting

Monitoring and Controlling Your Implementation

Order sets

  1. Standard Order Sets
  2. Convenience Order Sets
  3. Favorite or Personal Order Sets

Testing Phase of a CPOE Project

Unit Testing

Integration Testing

Parallel Testing

Acceptance Testing

Pilot the system


CPOE Training

CPOE Training Check-list (Added 08-12-12)
CPOE Training Tips (Added 08-12-12)

Activation Phase of a CPOE Project

Planning for Activation (aka Go Live)

Transitioning to Operations


Maintenance and Optimization of CPOE


Process Improvement

Unintended Consequences

Clinical Governance Post CPOE (Added 08-12-12)



Stories - ARMC

Stories - Wireless Technology and Physician Engagement

Stories of Success

Stories - Senior Management Commitment
Miscellaneous pages
Building Blocks
CPOE Adoption
Federal Policy
Old Order Sets
Physician adoption
Stages of Implementation
Terms and Conditions
The Executing Stage of Implementing CPOE
arc- Initial Planning
Optimization and Maintenance
Workgroup Members