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Readiness Assessment

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Readiness Assessment


Assess Readiness and build support within your system by doing any of the following:

  1. Survey all staff and physicians.
  2. Discussions at strategic meetings.
  3. Determine leadership support.
  4. Expectation of Board of Directors.
  5. Assess ‘Have To’ or ‘Want To’ mentality.
  6. Attend conferences and seminars to gain information and guidance.
  7. Consult vendor or industry list serves.
  8. Attend CPOE conferences and symposiums.  Encourage Physicians to do so also.
  9. Engage Pharmacy early and have a Pharmacist who is a champion for CPOE.
  10. Consult State Pharmacy Regulations regarding CPOE.
  11. Consider a Single Sign on Solution.



In 2005 the Massachusetts Hosptial CPOE Initiative, working with the First Consulting Group, conducted a Readiness Assessment with all Massachusetts hospitals that had not already implemented CPOE.


The Readiness Assessment covered 8 areas: 

  1. CPOE project status

  2. Care standardization

  3. Information technology (IT) management

  4. IT infrastructure

  5. Clinical IT experience

  6. Organizational structure and process

  7. Leadership

  8. Culture


The survey and findings are published in in a report titled:

A Case Study on Computerized Physician Order Entry, A Blueprint for a Beginning


The report can be accessed by clicking on the title above.

The readiness assessment can be found in Appendix 2.

Recommendations to improve readiness in the eight areas can be found in Appendices 5 and 7.



Adams Mitchell, et. al., A Case Study on Computerized Physician Order Entry, A Blueprint for a Beginning, prepared by the First Consulting Group for the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and the New England Healthcare Institute. 2006


Jeff Bell