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Develop CPOE Project Plan

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A CPOE Project Plan


  1. Assign a Project team.
  2. Coordinate with your primary Vendor to elicit any type of assistance that they may offer.  
  3. Elect or assign a Project Manager or Lead person and ask for the same type of person from the Vendor side.
  4. Clinical coordination methods established with IT department.
  5. Develop a Charter, Project Plan and Task Lists.
  6. Have a well defined Communication and Marketing Plan for CPOE.
  7. Consider device availability and selection.
  8. Consider Nursing’s Role in CPOE.
  9. Plan early for Education to all members of the staff in the Health System including the Physicians.
  10. Prepare detailed unit and integrated testing documents.
  11. Establish routine calls with vendor per Project Plan.
  12. Newsletters bi-weekly or periodically to Nursing and other departments affected by CPOE
  13. Issues tracking log.
  14. Develop Go-Live Plan at least one month prior to the go-live date.  Consider support for the go-live.  RN’s, IT, Unit Clerks, etc.
  15. Assess and document current Order Entry workflow processes and procedures.
  16. Evaluation of current Order Detail Forms.
  17. Consider Evidence based Orders.
  18. Review orders that generate charges.



Example of a project planning document:

CPOE MedCentral Pre-Req To Do List.xls