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Develop CPOE Project Charter

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     Building Blocks


The CPOE Project Charter



The purpose of the CPOE Project Charter, like any other Project Charter, is to authorize the start of the project. Specifically, the charter is intended to authorize the sponsor and project manager to apply resources to develop a Project Initiation Plan (PIP).  The Project Initiation Plan will provide the parameters for the project and includes: goals, objectives, success criteria, scope, high level schedule, with key deliverables and milestones, stakeholder roles, risk plan, completion criteria and other management plans for the project, along with resources needed and the project budget and benefits.  The Project Initiation Plan will require approval prior to execution of the project.



Here is a template for a project charter that is in Word format:

Project Charter.


Sample Implementation Project Charter Pilot and Roll out Plan by Navin, Haffty & Associates - posted with permission 

Computerized Provider Order Entry Project – Project Charter and Work Plan


Sample Project Charter / Project Management Plan (aka Project Initiation Plan)

Project Management Plan