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Convenience Order Sets

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Convenience Order Sets or Order Bundle

Convenience Order Sets or Order Bundles may be defined as those that are a group of orders put together at the request of end users in order to speed ordering.  An example of this order set is one containing a variety of lab tests which may be ordered for tomorrow morning during the first lab draw of the day.

  • These order sets are not usually subjected to a formal approval process. 
  • Convenience order sets may be used at the discretion of the end users.
  • These order sets are available to all users with access to the hospital’s ordering system.
  • The group requesting the set is responsible for reviewing and validating it on a regular basis but typically less frequently than evidence based order sets.
  • In some vendor systems, convenience order sets must be used because the system does not have the capability to create favorites or personal order sets.
  • Organizations must establish change control that eliminates the potential for parties to request Convenience Order Sets that are duplicative of Standard Order Sets.