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Develop your budgetary need for your project 




Training needs for providers diffrent than other staff

More hardware for use access


vendor support and on-site support vs. 3rd party consultants

engineering services / facility such as electrical, networks, 

Cost of mobile workstations (batteries, plugs, places to park them)

In community settings, providing contracted $ to engage the leadership in the design and development of the project

Costs to determine best practices for creation of ordersets and keeping them current

Go live pizza (staff do not have time to eat lunch during go lives)

Command center support

At-the-elbow support for physicians

Staffing up during the transition in order to continue to provide safe care and to verify that things are working as intended

On call pay so there is 24/7 coverage - especially with unionized facililities

financial impact of having residents ramp up during go-lives

24/7 technical support for unforseen issues in the middle of the night

If bringing up a major facility at the same time as the OR, training becomes more complex and support staff become more important.

infrastructure for virtualizing the environment in order to allow for universal access

Support for providers who are contract, locums or residents on a temporary basis, must be considered to identify and train them

Consider financial incentives for providers who use CPOE well (benefit share the EHR incentives)